Vibe! by VirtualXpo... welcome to a new world

Conventional trade shows, search engines, emails and advertising are all less than 10% efficient when used as marketing vehicles.

In response, VirtualXpo has created a revolutionary alternative by producing a multimedia app-based marketing platform through which visitors and exhibitors can easily find each other, establish and manage trading relationships, and never miss another potential business opportunity through our Fingerprint analytic reporting.

It’s a solution that delivers real person-to-person networking and the elusive missing 90%.

Vibe!, our first industry launch will allow an unlimited number of exhibitors to be immediately accessible, 24/7, all year round, rather than scattered almost invisibly across the Internet.

No more frustrating web searches, wasted lives and budgets, just quick and effective results allowing companies to take their products and services to market better, faster and cheaper.

Contemporary marketing has been reborn and — for the first time — millions of mobile device owners will have access to entire industries in the palm of their hands. How great is that?

Our aim is to put the trade back into the trade show! It’s a simple idea and completely logical. We hope you agree.

With Vibe! you can be at the forefront of this global revolution for as little as £100. It’s the best investment you will ever make.